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Seller Endorsements

Seller of 111 Aguirre Rd,, Aldasoro Ranch, Telluride

"I have worked with my fair share of real estate agents, some in Telluride and some in Austin, and few have worked as hard for me as Mary did on the sale of my house. It turned out to be a process with lots of starts and stops and through the whole experience Mary kept me informed, kept my eye on the outcome, and offered the most reasonable advice to complete the sale. This time was most unusual because it was totally remote due to the covid pandemic. So Mary and I have never really met face to face! I had reservations about a video but it turned out beautifully and I'm sure was helpful to other agents and potential buyers. Mary was recommended to me by a mutual friend and I now pass that recommendation on to anyone looking for an agent in the Telluride market."

- Bettye Nowlin, Austin, TX


Seller of Duplex Unit 2, 314 East Galena Ave, Town Of Telluride

"Mary was completely wonderful to work with. It was actually pleasant and at times fun to work with her. 

We were wary of having an agent represent us who wouldn't grasp our particular situation. But Mary proved the right choice. 

She 'got it' right away and we felt like she was 'one of us' from the beginning. 

We had an especially complicated deal with our duplex with many technical aspects and personalities to deal with.

Mary just wouldn't let anything slip through the cracks! She stayed on every detail and sent pleasant reminders of all the various tasks associated with the sale.  I firmly believe the sale would not have gone through to completion without her guidance.  Thank you very much Mary!"

- Doug Fergus, Telluride


"Mary was wonderful to work with on selling our home in Telluride. When there were roadblocks (and aren't there always!) she rolled up her sleeves and got to work with us, helping come up with action-oriented solutions. Her calm yet tough demeanor was just what we needed to get the job done! Thank you, Mary."

- Suzan Beraza

Seller of Unit 18 (Townhome) at Crystal in Mountain Village

"I recently sold a townhome in Mountain Village and can’t say enough about Mary Sama Brown and how she handled my listing.  I have known Mary as a friend for many years and when it came time to list my property I felt she would be the perfect agent . Although I really didn’t know Mary’s business side I did know she was energetic, gracious, and has high values. 

Since Telluride was my second home most of our negotiations were done virtually.  Mary suggested a fair asking price while listening to what my goals were. The property sold rather quickly and Mary was extremely involved with the Buyer’s agent. After the inspector’s report Mary went above and beyond helping to get the necessary repairs done. She was relentless on scheduling the proper handymen and staying on top of their progress. Since I was not there to schedule and supervise the workers Mary was the To Go Person and did an amazing job.


I would highly recommend Mary to anyone looking to sell or buy in the San Miguel area...her efficiency, commitment, honesty, and constant communication made the entire real estate process run smoothly and worry free.

Thank you Mary"


- Marolyn Ritter, California

Seller of Lot 45, Quakey Lane, Ski Ranches

"Mary was super to work with.  We had our property listed for years with another broker in Telluride.  Granted it has been a very difficult market for unimproved land in the area and our previous broker did put in the effort.  We felt that it was time for a change and as a result, we have now completed our sale.  Mary was very insightful in terms of finding a way to make it happen, and we always felt she had our best interest at heart.  She provided market insights all along the way so we knew she was engaged even when there were lulls with potential buyers.

We highly recommend Mary to anyone looking to market their property in the Telluride area."


- Michael and Beth Ross, New York

Seller of 211 East Serapio Drive, Aldasoro Ranch

"Mary Sama Brown was a delight to work with throughout the entire sale of my home. She is confident, professional, attentive and immediately replies and responds to questions and needs. 


Mary is thoughtful and creative. She is kind, respectful and playful yet always maintains professionalism. I had built and lived in my home for 15 years and she never forgot this fact. 


What I appreciated most with Mary was feeling the sale of my home was a partnership rather than a client/owner task. I felt safe knowing she gave me her ALL. She made this sale as easy as possible for me. She did her due diligence, research and homework for all matters expected and challenged. Mary also keeps in constant communication with her ideas and performances. She places her responsibility 100% towards a flawless transaction. 


I am happy I chose her to be my Listing Broker. It truly was a Joy to work with her. 


- Aleja,  Aldasoro, Telluride, Colorado

Seller of 627 W Colorado Avenue (zoned Commercial/Residential)

"Thank you.   In 30 yrs of buying and selling both commercial and residential real estate, it was great to have encountered a realtor who was so focused on the sale of our property.  The Boutique style of limited listings worked well for us and we were impressed by your open house schedule in an effort to market our property. I would highly suggest that any seller needing a hands on approach to marketing a property, contact you. Thank you for the updated market analysis giving us a realistic valuation of our asset, we will definitely recommend you to others." - Ray and Anita Cody

Seller of Ski Ranches lot

"Working with Mary Sama-Brown was such a wonderful experience! When we decided to sell our lot in the Ski Ranches, she gave us valuable advice about pricing and immediately designed an attractive brochure to market our land.  Because she knew that vacant lots are not as simple to walk as lots with improved property on them, she took the initiative to meet with our surveyor to mark the perimeter of our property and created a “Walk the Lot” Guide.  This made it possible for any broker to know the lot boundaries by simply looking for the pink and blue ties that were placed at 50-100 foot intervals along the outer edge of our 2+ acre property.  We feel that this was one of the contributing factors that led to the sale of our property.

Mary was attentive during every aspect of the sale.  She kept the broker community aware of our offering by including it on broker tours and email blasts. She met with our surveyor a second time in order to learn the best location for the home site, as we had discussed this with him previously.  Then she used this information to help potential buyers visualize their dream home on the property.  


The buyer of our property put in a bid when Mary was out of the country on vacation.  This didn’t faze her in the least.  She aggressively negotiated the price from. During this critical time, Mary was always one phone call away, regardless of the time of day, and ready to answer any of our questions or concerns.  In fact, she handled the offer so effectively that we actually sold our property while she was on vacation!  All paperwork was transmitted electronically with electronic signatures, and all required deadlines were met.


These days it’s hard to come by a highly qualified real estate agent who gives your sale the utmost attention.  Mary Sama-Brown is such a gem, and we recommend her wholeheartedly!"  - Ann and Bob Merrill, New York

Seller of 714 E Columbia Ave, Telluride (Single Family home)

"If you’re thinking about listing your home and you’re not sure which agent to list with, may I suggest that you list with Mary Sama-Brown at Telluride Real Estate Corp. in Telluride, Colorado.


Mary’s hard work and determination was pivotal to me selling my property and I really appreciated the patience and attentiveness she provided along the way.  Throughout the process, Mary gave me wise counsel. This was important, especially given the special circumstances surrounding my house and the longer-than-expected economic downturn. What’s more, after a meeting with the town, we found out I could add additional living space!  Of course, I saw the value and immediately hired a surveyor and took advantage of this great find.

Mary set me up with a very effective banner on the deck which displayed the website link with a virtual tour, as well as email blasts and open houses inviting brokers back for another look.  With all this, along with her passion for what she does, Mary would be a tremendous asset if you are trying to buy or sell a home or property."  - John E. Schuler, NJ

Seller of 314 E Galena, Unit 2 (Duplex unit)

"My wife Betty and I contracted, never having met in person, with Mary Sama-Brown after receiving a postcard with another seller’s testimonial about Mary.  Best streak of good luck in a very long time.  Our home was not an easy property to sell yet Mary captained the ship maneuvering us through the various obstacles like legal description (“condominiumized duplex”) in the residential East End of Town and private land covenants involving usage rights.  Mary was there every step of the way and handled all eventualities with her knowledge of the Town and pertinent personnel in the trades and industry.  Possessing numerous skills the ones that standout most for us are: her listening ability; superb and frequent communication; when asked for her opinion on this or that she did not beat around the bush as so many real estate professionals do, but provided us with astute and reasoned opinions and suggestions; and attention to the most mundane aspects of being a seller’s agent including follow up with the buyer’s agent in the transaction.  We were so please with Mary that I asked her if I could write a recommendation or provide a testimonial. She’s the best." - Rich and Betty Garrett

Seller of 130 Arizona Street (Mountain Village)

"Your determination and hard work paid off. You did a fantastic job selling our house, and we are very pleased!!!!" You did what many others could not do during a down market!!!  First of all, you had some wonderful photos taken of the house, you advertised, you held numerous open houses, and mostly your enthusiasm was contagious!!  We appreciated your personal touch and hard work.  You have always been and still remain a wonderful friend and when we hopefully buy again in Telluride we shall again depend on you!!” -  Sandy & Jan Stasiek (Hilton Head, South Carolina)

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