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Aldasoro now allows dogs!

After many years of studies, legal wrangling and politicking, the Aldasoro Ranch Owner’s Association received formal approval from the San Miguel County Board of County Commissioners to allow dogs in the subdivision. It comes with strict rules and a $500 licensing fee along with heavy penalties for violators of the dog policy. Owners are allowed to keep up to two dogs. Tenants are not allowed to have dogs. Guests of owners can have dogs for up to two weeks. There are several other dog rules which essentially state that man’s best friend must be on a leash at all times, cannot be left on a deck and any dog kennel or dog run must be visually shielded from wildlife among several other details. Penalties for violations start with a warning letter, then fines starting at $500 and going progressively higher (thousands of dollars). Service personnel (i.e. subcontractors) are not allowed to bring dogs to the subdivision.

Please contact me if you’d like a copy of the rules sent to you or have questions about Aldasoro property values. I expect this will improve property values and general demand for real estate in the subdivision. Buyers have in the past ruled out Aldasoro Ranch as a result of their former “no dog” policy. Aldasoro Ranch is a remarkably scenic neighborhood of approximately 170 properties on 2-4 acres, located above the Telluride Airport. As one of my clients put it “we bought in Aldasoro because of the 360 degree Big Sky Mountain views.”

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